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The Complete Transcription for Beginners Course is approved and available online through OpenLearning!



By working with some of the biggest transcription agencies, we aim to set new standards in the industry. Not only focussing on content accuracy, but quality control, language and layout as well. By sitting down with our clients and discussing the challenges they face, we have been able to adapt our courses to address the most common obstacles faced by most transcription agencies.


All our courses are self-paced and offers life-long access as well as access to future updates.

The online course consists of thirteen short modules and is self-paced. You will receive links to the templates, programs and practice audio as well as a certificate of completion. iTranscribe tutors are available online or at for any questions or assitance.


Course Fee: 80 USD (Click to convert currency)

Securely Payable through PayPal 

*Prices are subject to change without notice

Course Fee: 100 USD (Click to convert currency)

Securely Payable through PayPal

This course consists of 10 fact-filled modules and will teach you the following:

Legal transcription style guide

Legal terminology (both English and Latin in a downloadable format)

Court room procedures

Court room staff and their roles

World legal systems

Format and layout of a transcription

Language and proofing

How to manage deadlines

The Advanced Course focusses on Legal Transcription. It is advisable to complete the Beginner's course first.

Complete Transcription for Beginners Private lessons

Lesson Fee: 80 USD (Click to convert currency)

Payable by EFT or PayPal 

*Prices are subject to change without notice