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Hi, I'm Ingrid Boshoff, founder of iTranscribe and creator of the online courses, Complete transcription for beginners, Advanced

transcription and Proofreading: Identify and correct writing errors.

I was very fortunate to have worked with some of the best translators, editors, and transcribers over the years and started my career as a transcriber, proofreader, and editor in 2007. By 2016 I decided to leave the nine to five and iTranscribe was founded. Only three short years later, iTranscribe consists of a team of highly qualified language practitioners and a specialist team of AI transcribers. By early 2017, we launched our very first course and our own mobile app as well as two more courses by early 2019.

By mid-2019, we successfully completed almost 1000 audio hours on Artificial Intelligence platforms and implemented strategic, AI-focussed training sessions.